One key component of our book are the Workshop chapters that guide you through the process of creating a Connected Strategy for your own organization. On this page you can download your own set of worksheets as a Powerpoint file, which will be easier to fill out than the pages in the book. To further help you in your process, we provide you also with a range of examples of filled-out worksheets. The examples are wide-ranging including B2C, B2B and non-profit organizations. All cases are available for free, but to be able to access all of them, we would ask you to register (cases listed with a “lock” symbol are only available after you have registered).


If you are interested in running workshops in your organization, we have also created a toolkit for purchase that contains all necessary materials and detailed outlines and timelines for various workshop formats. Please see the link at the bottom of the page.”

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Connected Strategy: A Toolkit for Building Continuous Customer Relationships