Please enjoy the following podcasts. They will hopefully give you many ideas and inspiration for developing your own connected strategy. You will find many of the organizations that are featured in our book, but the set of interviews is broader. All podcasts are available for free, but to be able to listen to all of them, we would ask you to register (podcasts listed with a “lock” symbol are only available after you have registered).

Companies Can Use Connected Strategies to Engage and Influence Customers
Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch 

How AI and Human Recommendations Combine to Create the “Pandora for Art”
Carter Cleveland, CEO & Founder of Artsy

The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence Through Gaming
Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies

A New Type of Network Aims to Bridge the Gap Between On/Offline Relationships
Gina Bianchini, CEO and Founder of Mighty Networks

Connecting Donors to Classrooms to Make the Unattainable Happen
Charles Best, CEO and Founder of donorschoose.org

The Algorithm-Driven Matchmaking Platform for Service Providers and Customers
Marco Zappacosta, co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack

Etsy Focuses on Search Algorithms to Increase Sales
Rachel Glaser, CFO of Etsy

How Spotify’s Data Shapes Strategy for Connecting Brands and ‘Savvy Consumers’
Khartoon Weiss, global head of verticals at Spotify

In Health Care, Connecting the Data Sends Quality Up and Costs Down
Sheila Talton, President & CEO of Gray Matter Analytics

The Company Getting Hospitals to Break Up with Their Pagers
Trey Lauderdale, CEO and Founder of clinical communications platform Voalte

Digitizing the Banking Sector Takes a Step-by-Step Approach
Nathan Snell, Chief Innovation Officer at nCino

A Dynamic Duo: The Case for Combining AI and Human Creativity
Angela Zutavern, Managing Director at AlixPartners

Even Chocolate Has to Adapt to the Digital Age
Doug Straton, Chief Digital Commerce Officer at Hershey

‘The Marriage Between Self-serve and Human Interaction Is the Sweet Spot’
Tim Davis, President of The UPS Store

How a Mass-Producer Like Heineken Meets Consumer Demand for Personalization
Jenna Behrer, Sr Director and Head of Innovation at Heineken US

‘It’s all About Personalization.’ How Marriott Is Adapting to New Consumer Trends
Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Marriott

This Nonprofit Is Using AI to Power 24/7 Counseling at a Moment’s Notice
Nancy Lublin, Founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line

For People Facing Renovations, This Company Tries to Sweeten the Deal
Bridget Best, COO of Sweeten

‘It’s a Question of Logistics.’ How this Company Is Tackling Hunger in the U.S.
Jasmine Crowe, Founder and CEO of Good

Eyes on the XPrize: How the Famous Competition is Tackling Illiteracy Next
Shlomy Kattan, Executive Director of the Adult Literacy XPrize Competition

A Healthcare Economics Solution that has Asthma Patients Breathing More Easily
Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium

Purposeful: Establishing a Culture of Change as a ‘Movement Starter’
Jennifer Dulski, Head of Groups and Community at Facebook

How Verizon’s New Carrier Aims to Bring Wireless Directly to the Consumer
Miguel Quiroga, CEO of Visible

Games and PokemonGo
Archit Bhargava, Head of Global Product Mkt, Niantic Inc.

Journalism and Reporting
Jeremy Gilbert, Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Washington Post

Journalism and Reporting PART 2
Matt Boggie, Executive Director of the NY Times R&D Lab

Payment Processing
Michael Todasco, Director of Innovation at PayPal

Minute Clinic vs ER
Sharon Vitti, Senior VP and Executive Director, CVS MinuteClinic

Sleep Clinics Part 1
Dr. Gandis Mazeika, Founder, Sound Sleep Health

Sleep Clinics Part 2
Dr. Nalaka Gooneratne, Associate Professor, Perelman School of Medicine

Power Tools Part 1
Sonesh Shah, VP for Brand and Digital at Bosch Power Tools NA

Power Tools Part 2
Gregg Wallace, Director of US Tech Office at Hilti

Policing and Security Part 1
Peter Newsham, Chief of Police, Metropolitan P.D., Washington D.C.

Policing and Security Part 2
Tom Joyce, VP for Business Development, Vigilant Solutions

Bikes and Bike Sharing Part 1
Bob Burns, President, BCycle

Bikes and Bike Sharing Part 2
Justin Dawe, President, Scoot

Shopping and Meal Kits Part 1
Sarah Mastrorocco, VP, Business Development, Instacart

Shopping and Meal Kits Part 2
Josh Hix, Co-Founder, CEO, Plated

Rental Cars Part 1
Sebastian Birkel, CEO of Sixt Rent-a-Car USA

Rental Cars Part 2
Tom Wang, Chief Product Officer at Turo

Hotels Part 1
Steven Dominguez, VP of Global Brands for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House

Hotels Part 2
Jeff Hurst, Chief Commercial Officer at HomeAway

Nicolas Reinecke, Co-Founder, QUAEST

Flying cars
Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter

Robotics Part 1
Omar Abdelwahed, Head of Studio at Softbank Robotics America

Robotics Part 2
Chris Jones, VP of Technology at iRobot

New User Experiences Part 1
Eric Merz, Creative Producer at Universal Orlando Resort

New User Experiences Part 2
Nick Franklin, former Executive VP of Next Generation Experiences at Disney

Learning Part 1
Stephen Laster, Chief Digital Officer at McGraw-Hill Education

Learning Part 2
Jennifer Neumaier, Enterprise Sales Manager of Learning Solutions at LinkedIn